Please fill out our New Patient Questionnaire prior to your visit, so that we may efficiently serve you upon arrival.


  • Please use a desktop or laptop; smartphones and tablets are not compatible
  • Click HERE to begin
  • Complete all pages of the “new patient information form” for each child (10 total)
  • Hit “submit” when complete

Note: After filling out the first child’s info and beginning the next, please exit out of all windows until you arrive back to our home page. This will avoid any duplicates or mistakes in the system.

If for some reason you are unable to complete the new patient questionnaire online, please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to finish this information in the office.

Safety Protocol

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Our team at DCPD is so excited to reopen and see all our smiling patients and families again!
We want to update you on our new protocols to keep everyone safe!!

We are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8am-4pm, and Friday 8am-3pm.
Fewer patients will be scheduled per day to ensure proper social distancing, so call today to schedule your child's appointment!

Our office will keep you updated on any changes or updates but please feel free to contact us regarding any special circumstances or concerns you might have.

Please call our office from your car upon arrival- 502-254-6097.
We request that all patients and caregivers wear a mask, which can be a scarf/bandana if necessary.